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Welcome to Mighty Hosts!

Mighty Hosts is a new community dedicated to community builders, entrepreneurs, marketers, and leaders building the most compelling and successful new digital brands.

Brought to you by Mighty Networks––the fastest, easiest, and most powerful platform available today for creating community-powered brands––Mighty Hosts is redefining what it means to launch and run your own deep interest network.

We're bringing innovation, stories, experiences, and fresh thinking back to community building that's stagnated over the past decade. 

Join Mighty Hosts if you want to:

  • Meet other community builders, entrepreneurs, marketers, and leaders like you, as together we create the next generation of successful digital brands––for profit or impact. 
  • Make better, more well-informed decisions about launching, growing, engaging, and generating revenue from your community, brand, or business.
  • Get answers to the burning entrepreneurial questions you can't just Google.
  • Learn more about Mighty Networks and how to get the most out of your new Mighty Network for your website, blog, community, store, course, or membership site on web and mobile. 
  • Find inspiration and ideas for your passion project or full-time role every single day.

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About Us

Hello! 👋 👋 👋  We're Gina Bianchini, Audra Lindsey, and Brian Vu, and we're the team at Mighty Networks bringing you Mighty Hosts. We'll have some other guest stars in here too, but let us introduce ourselves:

I'm Gina and I'm the founder and CEO of Mighty Networks. I'm an expert in building network effects into new community-powered brands––making everything you do online and in the real-world MUCH more valuable with less work. Before Mighty Networks, I co-founded and ran Ning, the pioneering web platform with 3M niche social networks created across education, politics, music, and business. 

I'm Audra and I'm a Community Strategist at Mighty Networks. I've been responsible for leading and growing our most successful community-powered brands. My expertise ranges from using a Mighty Network to bring together foreign language teachers, launching a new New York Times bestselling book, and creating one of the largest thriving communities of creators and small business owners out there.

I'm Brian and I'm Mighty Networks' Customer Success Manager. I'm pretty much your go-to guy when you want to upgrade to the very best of what's possible with a Mighty Network.

We look forward to meeting you in 3...2...1...join!

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